InternationalOff-Shore Hedge Fund and Investment Partnership Formation and Compliance

Offshore funds are utilized when a manager can attract foreign investors and/or U.S. tax-exempt investors. We assist in the selection of the offshore jurisdiction in which to locate the fund and liaise with local attorneys and administrators to speed the process.

We provide the following services in connection with the formation and operation of offshore hedge funds:

•Assist in structure with regard to fees and redemption provisions.

•Prepare Private Offering Memorandum, Corporate Bylaws or Operating Agreement, and Subscription Documentation.

•Prepare Investment Management Agreement.

•Ensure that the offering is exempt from U.S. registration requirements.

•Review sales and marketing materials.

•Assist in establishing relationships with local counsel, hedge fund administrators, accountants, custodians, placement agents, prime brokers and other service providers.

•Advise regarding potential effects of CFTC regulations.

•Lead Advise regarding compliance on U.S. and foreign anti-money laundering issues.

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